Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Top 5 Signs of Automatic Transmission Problems

Top 5 Signs of Automatic Transmission Problems


1. Transmission Fluid Color and Condition

Dirty or burnt fluids are signs for a transmission fluid change and or transmission problems. Transmission fluid should be a transparent pink color. Old or worn fluid is dark brown. Smell is also a very important key to fluid condition. If it’s black and smells burnt, it needs to be assessed by a Transmission Specialist like Advanced Transmission in Spanish Fort, AL.

Fluid on the left is dark and needs changing.
Fluid on the right is clean and looks new

2. Low Fluid Levels

Low fluid levels can cause Transmission slipping, shaking, shifting issues, overheating, and complete failure. Low fluid levels can also mean that you have a leak in your transmission. In this case, it could mean that you need to simply add more of the recommended ATF to your transmission or most likely you have a leak. You need to visit a transmission shop to assess the leak.  You can see whether the fluid levels are low by checking the transmission fluid using the transmission dipstick.  Some vehicles do not have dipsticks and would need to be checked by a transmission specialist.


Pictured is what transmission fluid on a dipstick should look like when checking fluid levels. 
P.s  Make sure your engine is running when checking transmission fluid.

3. Signs of Leaks

 The most common leaks are Transmission seals, transmission lines, loose pans, or faulty gaskets. While replacing the faulty parts fixes these leaks, the difficulty level of getting to those parts varies. That is why it is very important to schedule a visit to Advanced Transmission in Spanish Fort, AL as soon as possible.


4. Overheating

Overheating is commonly associated with low, dirty or burnt fluid. Overheating is a death wish for your vehicles transmission.  Service your transmission, according to your specific vehicles recommended service interval or call Advanced Transmission for recommendations.  Watching for warning signs of inefficient fluid is vital to the life of your transmission.  



5. Transmission Slipping


Owner and Lead Technician, Marvin Wilson is installing a heavy duty external transmission cooler to prevent recontamination and to keep the transmission cooler.

Transmissions can slip because of, inefficient fluid, defective solenoids, burnt clutch discs, or worn gears to name a few. The best thing you can do in this case is stop driving the car or drive it as little as possible. Get to our transmission specialty repair shop immediately so you don’t cause any further damage and your car can be assessed.


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