Thursday, October 25, 2018


We can't say this enough….. 
Here’s a prime example: Pictured is a Jeep that came to us with the clutch disc rusted to the fly wheel. 

WHY YOU ASK? The owner drove the Jeep during a storm to a repair facility where it had to sit for weeks waiting for parts. Because the vehicle was not driven after running through flood waters, it allowed the moisture to cause excessive rust. 

LESSON: If you drive in flood water or heavy rain, do not allow the vehicle to sit for a long period of time. Drive the vehicle as soon as possible allowing the engines heat to dry excessive moisture.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Recent Reviews for our Amazing Customers!!

Excellent service from the phone appointment, the counter person, the owner, and the service tech.! Brought my truck in to diagnose an intermittent issue and they gave me a quick and honest evaluation. They even took me home and picked me back up when they were finished! Would happily use them again.
-Jeff L., Spanish Fort, AL (July 2018)

Excellent customer service thru out the whole process. Would highly recommend them for your transmission repairs and service
-Darrell M., Foley, AL (July 2018)

I truly appreciate when any service technician takes the time to explain issues with my vehicle (or a washing machine etc.). I had a hunch it might not be great news, but with his detailed information and showing me the exact issue (rust, rust rust) I feel comfortable making my next (painful) decision. Before I make a final selection on a newer vehicle, I will be taking it to Advanced Transmissions for them to inspect It will be well worth that investment of time and funds. Many thanks!!!
-Ann B., Fairhope, AL (July 2018)

Replaced my son’s transmission. Extremely professional, reasonably priced, and super friendly staff!
-Lon L., Coden, AL (July 2018)

Fast and affordable. Great job.
-John N. (July 2018)

They did a great job for me. Fast, friendly, and informative experience. If you have a question regarding a transmission they are the people you need to go talk to.
-Frank F., Mobile, AL (July 2018)

Did a great job for a good price. I’ll definitey come back.
-Frank F., Mobile, AL (July 2018)

Thank y’all soooo much for your service. You guys are the upmost BEST and yes I drove about 150 miles one way to y’all for your service. You guys are dedicated to customer satisfaction and no doubt I’ve NEVER been disappointed with the service you have done for me. I can’t thank you enough for your loyalty, honesty and treating me like family. You Guys Are The “BEST”!!!! Love ya Bunches !!!
-Jayne T., Arlington, AL (July 2018)

I am 60 years old, and have a lifetime of experience dealing with all kinds of service. In my opinion, Advanced Transmission is superior to any auto service business I've dealt with in my life. They were courteous, knowledgeable, sincere, and professional. The first thing I noticed when i pulled in, and walked in is the cleanliness. Next; I was greeted by one of the owners. She was very nice and friendly. Next; Jonathon came out. I spoke to him on the phone. He remembered me, what I needed, and he remembered my name. He gave me a cup of coffee, and promptly took my car in so it could be worked on. It all went like clockwork. The other owner came out and greeted me. He wanted to make sure I was comfortable, and took the time to talk to me and another gentleman in the waiting room. There is nothing phony about these people. It's clear that they are sincere, and they care. My car was done before I expected. My bill was significantly lower than I expected. They vacuumed my car (which I did not expect). One to the owners came out and told me to let him know if I needed anything. He said he would help me with anything I needed. Jonathon walked me to my car and made sure everything was OK before I left. These people are a throw back to the days when businesses sincerely cared about their customers. I was very pleasantly surprised. I was worried because I don't know much about transmissions, and was concerned about getting ripped off. These people exceeded my expectations if every way. I will call them for advice with anything I need for my car; even if it is for something they don't handle. I'm so glad I found these people. Everyone I talked to told me to go to them. Now I am telling you to go to them. These people are the real deal.
-Robert O., Fairhope, AL (July 2018)

My husband and I were travel from florida to Texas when we had car trouble and had to pullover to have someone look at our vehicle. Advanced Transmission went above and beyond to get us back on the road within a couple of hours. Advance Transmission treated my husband and I like they had known us for years. The entire staff was kind, friendly and professional.
-Darniese B., San Antonio, TX (Aug. 2018)

My Ford pickup was starting to make noises and felt like it was shifting very bad. I researched where I wanted to take my truck for possible transmission work. Advance Transmission had the highest reviews and that made me feel confident to take my truck there. I made an appointment and got my truck to them. Again I explained the problem. They kept it for a few hours and the owner himself looked at and drove my truck. Turned out my transmission was in great shape. I had 4 spark plugs that were bad. They recommended that I take it to my dealer and have the plugs and coils looked at for replacement. This saved me what I was thinking was going to be a high transmission repair bill. The business and the people at Advanced Transmission were so honest and friendly. They were fantastic. If I ever have a transmission problem, they will be the only ones I will go to for repair. Thanks guys.
-John B., Fairhope, AL (Aug. 2018)

I've had my '94 Hardbody for almost 25 years and plan on keeping it for another 25. I could have gone to a cheaper place but after reading all the reviews I decided that Advance was the right choice. I'm very happy with the work and they have great customer service. Thanks guys.
-Bobby T., Loxley, AL (Aug. 2018)

impeccable !!!! Friendly, courteous They kept me informed through each phase. I will surely recommend them to others ...
-Maureen S., Daphne, AL (Aug. 2018)

Excellent service all around!!!
-Ivy S., Daphne, AL (Aug. 2018)

If it can be fixed, they can do it. Outstanding customer service.
-Allen T., WIlmer, AL (Aug. 2018)

Monday, October 1, 2018

August Facebook Massage Contest Winner!

Congrats to our new friend Jayme, winner of our August Massage Contest!! 

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the contest!

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