Monday, November 7, 2016

Choose a Transmission Repair Shop with Confidence

 Choose a Transmission Repair Shop with Confidence

Fact:  Your vehicles transmission is very expensive. Some can easily cost over $2000. It’s important to know what to look for when choosing a specialty transmission shop.  Due to the fact that a lot of the general public has no idea about the inner workings of a transmission or what it takes to fix it. Here are a few things to do when searching for a transmission repair shop:


 Get Recommendations — Ask friends and family to recommend a shop where they were treated well and were happy with their work.

Text Box:   Professional Appearance — A clean, organized shop indicates a professional attitude, and that carries over into all phases of the business including quality.


Avoid Phone Estimates — It’s virtually impossible to give an accurate estimate over the phone. Only upon inspection could you start to formulate a price.  Shops that give you a price before they see the vehicle are guessing. 

Ask for a Detailed, Written Estimate — After checking your car thoroughly, the repair center should have a fairly good idea of what’s wrong with your car. They should be able to provide a written estimate that specifies what’s wrong, and what it’ll cost to repair it. Keep in mind that internal repairs like transmissions must be disassembled to accurately give an estimate.

Look for Memberships in Consumer Organizations & Certifications — Most reputable shops are members of an organization or association that provides consumer arbitration in the event of a dispute, such as the Better Business Bureau and ATRA.  At Advanced Transmission our employees are ATRA & ASE certified and are constantly being educated and trained on the latest updates on transmission repairs.


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