Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Why should I only let a Transmission Specialist Service my Transmission?

Why should I only let a Transmission Specialist Service my Transmission?

Transmission Shop - vs - General Auto Repair?

All your local big box stores have signs telling you that they can service your transmission. Even offering specials on services.  So what’s the big deal? Why do I need a specialty transmission shop to service my car?

When it’s time to have your transmission serviced, you’ll always be better off taking your vehicle to a transmission specialist. Advanced Transmission has trained technicians that can spot clues that can head off potential problems.

That begs the question: Why? Why can’t a general repair shop handle a transmission service? After all, it’s just about draining out the old oil and replacing it with new, right?

In the simplest terms a transmission service is about changing the fluid. But that’s really only a small part of the process.

Servicing a Transmission the Right Way?

The key is knowing what to look for.  Is the old fluid really burnt or just a little worn out?  Is the material in the bottom of the sump an indicator of a problem or is it just from normal wear?  The more pressing question is; should you really be paying for a service… or is it too late for that? 

These are important questions and the life of your transmission depends on them.  These questions require technical experts, well beyond that of the average oil change worker.  It requires the eye of a true transmission expert.  So, when asking yourself whether to use a transmission specialist or general auto shop, consider whether they can offer you the knowledge and the experience to be sure your transmission is in good hands.                                                                                                                                                                      

Advanced Transmission employees certified technicians

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